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SciTech personnel have nearly twenty five years experience in the demilitarization of conventional weapons.  SciTech supports the Joint Munitions Command (JMC) and the Office of Demilitarization Technology in providing complete solutions for the recovery, recycle, and re-use of obsolete munitions.  With an overall objective to render harmless obsolete munitions in an environmentally friendly manner, SciTech provides demilitarization services including research and development, and design, fabrication, and installation of processing equipment to operating facilities.  For items identified for demilitarization, SciTech works with customers to determine needed technology, identify required facilities, analyze safety and environmental needs, install equipment, validate the process, and train operators. SciTech provided Hawthorne Army Depot with a modernized prototype high pressure water washout system for the removal and re-use of Comp A-3 explosive fill from various navy guns.  This process will support demilitarization of almost 300,000 projectiles.  SciTech is currently completing a program to provide process equipment at Crane Army Ammunition Activity (CAAA) for the disassembly of over 500,000 G815 smoke screening grenades to extract the red phosphorous fill.  The red phosphorous will be converted to phosphoric acid and sold commercially.  Also at CAAA, SciTech will develop and implement a process to support demilitarization of 16” shells.


SciTech teams with small and large businesses in order to provide the best complement of capabilities for responding to the client’s needs and requirements.