SeaPort-e Team Members

Mellor Engineering

Mark Barratt

Mellor Engineering was established in 1993 with the goal of providing highly-qualified engineering, scientific, drafting, library and data center, records keeping and storage, computer programming, and data entry personnel to the industry and the government. We are a small business headquartered in Lehi, Utah and have been providing support to Deseret Chemical Depot (DCD) and Chemical Agent Munition Disposal System (CAMDS) since 1995. Our most significant core competencies include chemical laboratory support, engineering, environmental support, and construction. Mellor also specializes in engineering design, laboratory and air monitoring, Simulation Equipment Test Hardware (SETH) fabrication and management, demilitarization engineering (civil, electrical and mechanical), engineering studies and reports, project management, alternative technology testing and air monitoring for chemical agents GA, GB, VX, HD, and Lewisite. We have developed sophisticated monitoring and laboratory equipment in support of the Lewisite monitoring for the US Army and have supported DCD in all aspects of the SETH munitions program. SETH is simulated, inert replicas of chemical weapons used for the testing of demilitarization (DEMIL) equipment, DEMIL processes, handling systems, personnel training and restart of DEMIL equipment after servicing or shutdown. Since 1996, Mellor has operated the chemical lab and air monitoring facilities at the DCD and CAMDS using state-of-the-art analytical equipment.

Mellor Engineering’s technical experience with DCD/CAMDS efforts was extensive and widely diverse. Mellor has over 20 years of hands-on experience with tasks related to the CAMDS mission. In the past we have assisted with PMATA VX Hydrolysate manufacturing, ACWA ICB testing to include data collection of sampling and environmental hazardous waste handling. Mellor employees had been assigned the team leads on ICB, VX Hydrolysate and Metal Parts Treater testing.

We also coordinated the Programmatic Lessons Learned (PLL) program, which included database management and response coordinators. The PLL program is designed to capture all non-design change lessons learned through construction, systemization, operation, and closure phases of a project and other areas of critical support elements and quality assurance/quality control.

Mellor was heavily involved in the MDC II testing of DPE suit decontamination, providing chemical, mechanical, environmental, civil engineering, and drafting support. Mellor Engineering conducted testing with a mustard thaw system to be used in the stockpile programs.

We conducted testing, data collection, and preparation of reports for several new types of equipment. We stored and maintained tool room equipment and other large equipment. We maintained a very large data collection database for the laboratory sampling data. We updated all the Quality Control Charts for laboratory analysis for management review.


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