The focus of the target defeat efforts performed by SciTech encompasses the design, development and demonstration of target defeat and supporting technologies of interest to the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) and its customers. Broadly stated, target defeat technologies include novel means of compromising the effectiveness of enemy equipment and other support systems. Both chemically-based and material sciences-based vehicle/vessel stopping are explored in the target defeat efforts. Target defeat technologies provide an asymmetric capability to defeat enemy military equipment and supporting infrastructure through the intentional degradation of material properties. These target defeat technologies may employ anti-traction materials, foams, microencapsulation compounds, adhesives, tagging, tracking and locating (TTL) technologies using dyes (visible and not visible to the unaided eye), malodorants and/or other related means, riot control agents and abrasives.


SciTech teams with small and large businesses in order to provide the best complement of capabilities for responding to the client’s needs and requirements.