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Job Title:  Systems Engineer/Mobile Lab Team
Job Number: 08-24-008-SYSTEMS-ENGINEER
Location: Harford County, MD
Clearance Requirement: Active Secret
Status: Full Time
Salary: Based on experience
Benefits: 401K, Life/Health/Dental/Disability Insurance, Paid Time Off, and Tuition Reimbursement

Experience and/or Certifications Required:

  • Standard Requirement: Candidate shall  possess a PhD degree in Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Engineering Management, or a related discipline, as well as twelve (12) years of general experience and seven (7) years of relevant experience.
  • Tradeoff Requirement: Candidate shall  possess a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Engineering Management, or a related discipline, as well as fourteen (14) years of general experience and nine (9) years of relevant experience.

Performance Based Tasks Required:

  • Candidate shall provide program and strategic planning necessary for major milestone acquisition programs, including development of sustainment strategies and project plans.
  • Candidate shall serve as functional area (e.g., Program Manager, Test and Evaluation (T&E), Systems Engineering, Operational Test Agency (OTA), etc.) integrated product team (IPT) coordinator for all programs of record to ensure major milestone decision data is being developed, approved, tracked, and archived.  Candidate shall
    • Plan: draft agendas and prepare support resources
    • Conduct: facilitate the meeting and present briefings
    • Document: draft meeting minutes and track action items
    • Follow-up: facilitate flow of information to leadership and higher headquarters (e.g., JPEO-CBRND, Joint Requirements Office (JRO), Director of Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E), etc.)
  • Candidate shall coordinate and conduct analyses and assessments, collecting and providing input to physical programs’ Needs and Priorities Capability Gap Assessments.
  • Candidate shall evaluate analytical instrumentation software for interoperability and common data formats.
  • Candidate shall serve as the point of contact and contract lead for the Common Analytical Component Test contract.
  • Candidate shall serve as the lead software systems engineer, managing the Systems Integrated Laboratory (SIL) being used to evaluate potential CBRN equipment for the Common Analytical Laboratory System (CALS) variants.
  • Candidate shall provide subject matter expertise to identify and resolve issues, and make sound and timely recommendations to facilitate decision making for analytical component evaluation for the CALS.
  • Candidate shall evaluate the practicality of potential CALS analytical equipment modules proposed.
  • Candidate shall perform evaluations of CBRN equipment combinations proposed as CALS variants and prepare white papers and position papers to explain the pros and cons of each combination.
  • Candidate shall review draft design concepts for networking and data management for the CALS.
  • Candidate shall provide engineering and acquisition support for Mobile Laboratory Systems, to include developing system requirements, acquisition documents, an acquisition program baseline (APB) schedule, work breakdown structure (WBS) elements, and briefings.
  • Candidate shall prepare draft technical and performance specifications for Mobile Lab Team contracts.
  • Candidate shall conduct stakeholder and user meetings in support of the Mobile Laboratory Systems program.
  • Candidate shall evaluate the performance of components being used on fielded Mobile Lab Team equipment.
  • Candidate shall support planning for continued development of the CBRNE Unmanned Ground Vehicle to the Rapid Area Sensitive Site Reconnaissance Advanced Technology Demonstration (ATD) for the 20th Support Command (SUPCOM) and National Guard Bureau (NGB) by providing technical expertise to facilitate decision making.
  • Candidate shall represent Joint Product Manager (JPdM) Consequence Management on DODAF view development and review architecture views for completeness and applicability in support of architecture development.
  • Candidate shall plan and execute the annual CBRNE Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Modernization Process with all stakeholders.
  • Candidate shall coordinate, attend, and facilitate the total package fielding of CBRNE COTS equipment for the NGB CBRNE Dismounted Reconnaissance capability.
  • Candidate shall participate in stakeholder technical working group meetings (e.g., National Guard Bureau (NGB) Civil Support Team (CST), Special Operations Command (SOCOM) CBRNE, Army North (ARNORTH) Defense CBRNE Response Force (DCRF)/Command and Control Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Response Element (C2CRE), United States Marine Corps (USMC) Chemical-Biological Incident Response Force (CBIRF) CBRNE, etc.).  Participation in these meetings shall consist of scheduling the meeting, preparing the agenda, conducting the briefing, identifying and resolving issues, making sound and timely recommendations to facilitate decision making, preparing meeting minutes, and providing follow-up actions.
  • Candidate shall execute training and the procurement and fielding of equipment for the NGB CST, SOCOM CBRNE, ARNORTH DCRF/C2CRE, and USMC CBIRF CBRNE working groups.
  • Candidate shall evaluate user requirements based on the draft and/or final capabilities development document (CDD).
  • Candidate shall draft reporting requirements for technical data packages at various levels for new contracts.
  • Candidate shall prepare Performance Work Statements (PWSs), market research reports, and ICEs in support of contract awards.
  • Candidate shall evaluate requirements provided by users and other stakeholders for practicality.
  • Candidate shall schedule and coordinate the review of each document package required for the next major milestone (e.g., Life Cycle Management Plan (LCMP), Systems Integration Plan (SEP), Test and Evaluation Strategy (TES), Test and Evaluation Plan (TEMP), etc.).
  • Candidate shall coordinate programmatic schedules and provide requirements for equipment deliverables.
  • Candidate shall provide technical briefings and reports concerning risk identification and mitigation strategies.
  • Candidate shall coordinate and conduct project meetings (i.e., Joint User Working Group and IPTs) with all stakeholders.
  • Candidate shall troubleshoot failing components on existing fielded equipment and propose equivalencies.


Candidate must possess and be able to maintain a government security clearance at a secret level.

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