SciTech is committed to providing quality logistics services to our customers. Utilizing multiple contracts including the Joint Enterprise – Contracted Logistics and Support Services (JE-CLaSS) contract, SciTech offers a solid foundation of logistics support services to the Government that includes a full range of maintenance, supply, training, and operations support.  JE-CLaSS encompasses Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) to include Performance Based Logistics (PBL), providing operation, maintenance and supply support to highly complex, low-density systems that provide force protection.

CLS includes integration of support and sustainment functions such as: system(s) maintenance support; engineering support; supply chain management and support; training support; fielding support; program management, administration and reporting; quality; and security and safety.  SciTech supports and sustains systems, subsystems, sets, kits, outfits and associated items of equipment to include calibration and special test equipment.

SciTech goes beyond the basic logistics requirements.  Maintenance support services include maintaining accountability and proper operation of equipment with maintenance data and metrics. We sustain laboratory and field operations in accordance with applicable regulatory and technical standards to include performing preventative maintenance checks on equipment.  Our supply support services experience includes warehousing, distribution, supply chains, management and metric analysis.  SciTech also understands the importance of training and has focused on new equipment training and fielding support as well as classroom instruction by subject matter experts at various locations.


SciTech teams with small and large businesses in order to provide the best complement of capabilities for responding to the client’s needs and requirements.