SeaPort-e Team Members

Homeland Security Solutions, Inc. (HSSI)

Richard Neville

Greg James

Homeland Security Solutions, Inc. (HSSI) is a large business established in 2002 by law enforcement and military veterans who wanted to make a difference to the security and safety of their country and communities. HSSI has grown to be a large business on the strength of our commitment to client partnerships, comprehensive solutions, peerless quality, innovation, mission focus, and fiscal responsibility. We offer a wide range of services, technology solutions, training, and exercise support.

HSSI focuses on supporting our customer’s mission with high quality, operationally-informed, and customer-driven services, delivered at an exceptional price. HSSI’s quality is accomplished through recruiting experienced professional staff who possess extensive operational backgrounds in core response disciplines (i.e., law enforcement, fire service, emergency management) and who also understand consulting. We provide our talented staff the management, control systems, infrastructure, training, resources, and corporate support to provide a holistic lifecycle of services to first responder and security organizations at the Federal, State, local, military, and private sector levels.

HSSI’s principal client is the Marine Corps Civilian Law Enforcement Program (MCCLEP) which support the needs of the Marine Corps law enforcement, public safety, and security communities. We provide a holistic support solution to the Marine Corps’ law enforcement and security needs to include program management, policy and doctrine development and implementation, staffing, logistics, credentialing, training, and exercises. We have over 563 staff in the field filling billets, providing specialized training, and supporting operations. The quality of our support and dedication to meeting our client’s mission has garnered our support team a 5/5 score within the government’s Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS). for our $143,000,000 Marine Corps support contract. We are proud of this distinction and it is that standard that we apply to all of our work.


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